Fields in eastern Berlin V1.0 - Electric and Magnetic Field Strengths

In the years 1995-1997 the greatest database of field strengths in the environment was collected in eastern Berlin city. The Results are 8 topographic maps (1:10000) describing an area of 246 kmē which covers 28% of Berlin city area. All together 360 span fields of power transmission lines and 16 cable lines have been investigated by measurements and numeric calculations.

View a map of the magnetic field or the electric field

Calculation was performed by "WinFieldÓ - Power Transmission Lines" a WindowsTM program, which has been developed for calculation purposes of electric and magnetic fields caused by energy distribution facilities. The RunTime Version WinField V4.0 together with the computed electric and magnetic field strengths of 6 topographic maps, is delivered on CD as "Fields in eastern Berlin V1.0" More Information is avaliable form the Berlin-Senat.

The price per CD "Fields in eastern Berlin V1.0" is 58,-- DM + transport.

Data are also available as plotted maps for electric field and magnetic field, each charged 58,-- DM + transport.

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